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Learn About Us

Early childhood Movement & Music class for toddlers (6-30 month). The classes are varied and very experimental with different accessories,music and movement exercises. For your convenience, each class will have a limit of 15 toddlers for a duration of 45 minutes. The classes will take place in different condos in the Central area (River valley, Novena , Orchard, Holland,Bukit Timah)...


Meet our team !

Ofri Gilad Amedi


Mother of Ariel (3 years old) & Romi (11 month).

I am an early childhood music & movement instructor with a Degree (Bachelor) in education and 8 years of experience.

Gloria Soo 


A mother of 2 grown up girls aged 18&19. She is an image & Etiquette coach that teach children about manners & etiquette skills. A practicing NLP coach for women & Children. Certified International Coach Federation. Gloria also helps children with disabilities. 

Jacqueline Gan 


Piano teacher for 14 years, holds a music diploma from Trinity College London in piano performance and a bachelor of science in business from University of London. Mother of a 6year old boy. Her motto is music with passion, nurture with patience.

She is experienced in teaching both individual piano lessons and group keyboard lessons for kids as young as 3 years old.

Audra Khoo

Hi Everyone , I am Audra, A mother of 2 boys and a girl aged 4 to 8 years old, truly miss the baby stages of these young, aspiring and energetic children, their infectious laughter and sweet smiles.I have previously taught for 5 years in a preschool and am experienced in handling children in their different stages of development.I firmly believe that these classes can help them flourish better!

Joleen Toh


Hello! I’m a mother of a 4 year old boy, and I’ve exposed him to music and movement classes since he was just a few months old and have experienced for myself how music has so beautifully influenced his life. So I am now using music to also touch the lives of these very young children that I am going to teach. I have a Grade 8 certificate in both practical Piano and Theory of music from ABRSM London. I studied Music as one of my main subjects in school and obtained a Distinction. I’ve graduated with a Bachelor Degree from the National University of Singapore.

Maria Montessori

“Free the child's potential, and you will transform him into the world."


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+65 8380 1777

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